Sunday Lately (Week 90)

New to Sunday Lately? It works like this: every week there are prompts from the Blogger Tribe (led by Katy, Angelica, Meaghan, and Nicole) to describe what is happening in your life. Then you join the linkup and we e-hang out every Sunday, sharing that small glimpse into everyone else’s corner of the world. Trust me, it’s really fun.

This week’s prompts are: Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, Scheduling.


Whatever sewing projects can be completed on a serger, as I’m still sans sewing machine. I’ve been dragging my feet about deciding between fixing my old Bernina & buying a new machine. I keep thinking I might want a new one, but then feel guilty about giving up on my old faithful. But Betty the Bernina is 18 & has been guzzling my fabric budget as she’s been in for a tune up & repairs several times already this year. But then Betty *is* a Bernina, she could last forever if I love her enough. Ugh. The struggle is real. So to cheer me up I finished these adorable pants for Baby Rydz. He needed something warm & cuddly to wear after morning swimming lessons – scraps of brushed hacchi fit the bill, and look adorable too.



And then, after swimming lessons, he wore the comfy pants apple picking & playing with his cousins…we love to spend Saturdays relaxing with my in-laws, and letting the kids play. It doens’t happen as often as we’d like, but when we do have “Cousin Saturdays,” they seem as relaxing and refreshing as our Sunday mornings. It rained all afternoon, but yesterday morning we were able to get out apple picking, and apple crisp was the perfect comfort food while the kids played inside.



“Ne touche pas [insert object my kid is about to touch but shouldn’t be, like turning the Blu-Ray player on & off 40 times in a row]”…until he’s distracted by the balloon on the ceiling… Oui, c’est un ballon” …repeat again every 10 seconds until toddler finds a picture of Elmo, at which point… “Oui, c’est Elmo” …repeat again every 10 seconds until toddler finds a balloon left from his party, at which point… “Oui, c’est un ballon.”

Baby Rydz is discovering more of the world around him, and learning how to push boundaries (and buttons), so really every day this week is just like the one before. I’m at the stage every parent loves, when you live through your own personal Groundhog Day, but on a 20-minute cycle. In some ways, it’s awesome & so much fun to watch him learn. In other ways, it requires more coffee & patience than I usually have.



A post about what to pack for baby’s first swimming lessons. The idea was to take pictures as I packed his bag for the first lesson of the season – I’m pretty sure I started it on Monday, but it still isn’t done yet. His first swimming lesson of the season was yesterday, so I guess I’ll be taking pictures when I pack his bag for next week? Ooops.


The next holiday. I love to plan ahead to avoid last-minute panic & chaos. I know that it’s inevitable, and my plans don’t need to be completely firm or inflexible, but I like to have a plan, so that when surprises come up, or when people ask, most of it is decided & you only have to tweak it. There’s nothing I hate more than planning Thanksgiving dinner, for example, the Thursday before Thanksgiving because nobody else realised that it’s already Thanksgiving weekend (you laugh – or cringe – but it’s happened!). This means once we’re done with one event/holiday, I like to look ahead in my calendar to see what’s next. Our American friends probably think it’s premature, but since our Thanksgiving is in October, it’s actually only 3 weeks away! Do you have any tips, tricks, or traditions when planning your Thanksgiving weekend? I’d love to hear them!



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