Pattern Love: Maxaloones

When our eldest was 3 months old, we decided that it was time to dive into the world of cloth diapers. It was an interesting adventure, but most interesting of all was figuring out how to fit his pants over top. We use one size pocket diapers – if you don’t know anything about cloth diapers & don’t ever care to, all that means to you is that the smaller the baby, the bulkier the diaper. Exhibit A: a tiny chunk with a huuuuuge fluff butt.

One day I asked a friend & fellow mama about the pants that I always saw her son wearing – adorable “manly leggings” is what I think I called them, and they fit over his cloth diapers. Then I found out that they’re actually “grow with me” style pants that will fit for several years. Whaaaaat?! I was determined to set out to find us a hundred pairs of these magic pants when my friend mentioned that since I sew, I should just buy the pattern off of Etsy & make them myself – it would probably be cheaper.

Usually, people who say that are not crafters themselves, and don’t always value the time that it takes to make the item. Even then, some crafters don’t value their time enough. But as a fellow crafter & mama with a young baby of her own at the time, I thought if she was making the suggestion then it must be worth investigating. And so we quickly descended down the rabbit hole of knit fabrics & sewing clothing for my family.

We are coming up soon on the 2 year anniversary of that life-altering conversation, and I would say this pattern has more than paid for itself. My first-ever pair with awful fabric & embarrassing mistakes are still in rotation in 2Point0’s wardrobe, and the first pair that I ever made with quality fabric are still worn regularly by both kids.

My sewing & photography skills are way better now that I’ve had a couple years of serious practice, so if I gifted you something I made a while ago, I’m sorry!!! Haha. While I was making the most recent pairs, it struck me that the day is already here where our boys are wearing the same size grow with me. How did that happen so fast?! #2 can still fit the size smaller, but it’s not worth making that size since he also fits the bigger pair, and they’ll last longer. So instead of making adorable big & little brother “twinning” pants, I found other ways to tell their pants apart.

I also thought as I was sewing them that BigBrother is probably over these pants & wanting to dress more like his dad (yes, we’re at that stage!), but the idea of wearing “boat pants” blew his mind in a way I never expected (thank-you, Moana, for the boat obsession…).

Since the first day we put them on him for pictures, my demanding toddler has asked, begged, pleaded, cried, and insolently demanded his “boat pants” more than once.

This mama, for one, is over the moon that there’s a fabric & style we can both agree on. I’m not sure how long it will last, but I will gladly take it while I can!!!

Pattern: Max & Meena Maxaloones

Fabric: Fabric Crush


Airing my dirty laundry!

Last summer I was relaxing at a friend’s house, enjoying the company, the AC, and as was my pregnancy trend, probably a chocolate popsicle or two. At one point she was scrolling through her news feed and came across a picture of someone’s clothesline full of cloth diapers – said person was bragging about taking advantage of the summer to sun their inserts. My friend asked if it was really necessary to show the world your diaper laundry, and I quipped in reply that she was, literally, airing her dirty laundry. Never mind that they’re actually clean when they go on the line – I was just being sassy.

Well here we are a year later, and I am so ashamed to even have that story to tell you, because I can, without a doubt, tell you that YES – diaper laundry out on the line IS worthy of Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, or any other social media outlet of your choosing! What, you ask, changed my mind? The short answer is this: a winter of cloth diapers.

If you know nothing about cloth diapers, or if you haven’t used a cloth diaper in the last 8 years or so (they have come a long way since then!), here’s a coles notes version of this bum deal:

Baby dirties diaper, diaper goes in pail or wet bag (read: bag designed to hold the wet stuff in – they’re great for swimsuits & towels after swim lessons too!), when bag is full instead of tossing it in the garbage like disposable diapers, you empty it into your washing machine & toss the bag in there too. Then you wash, dry, stuff inserts back in, and repeat. If your baby eats solids, there’s an extra step in there, but our guy hasn’t arrived at that point yet.

Everyone has their own routine for how to wash these little beasts, but the one thing that doesn’t change is the stains. The stains are brutal, and it is near impossible to get them out – unless you can lay them out in the sun. The sun, as it turns out, fixes almost everything.

So never mind that it’s warm enough now to hang clothes out on the line, that the sun is so warm now that it melts inches of snow every day, or that you can practically smell summer right around the corner. There are a lot of things that I love about spring, but this year what I’m loving most is the chance to air my own dirty laundry!

(for the record, the stains did come out!)