5 great reasons why I shouldn’t start a blog

It seems counter-intuitive to have my first blog post be all about why I shouldn’t start a blog, but here it is. I’ve wrestled long & hard about whether blogging is for me – all the way back to dial-up Internet & one decent option for a blogging platform. But I’ve always managed to talk myself down just in time, and so it never happened.

Every time that I dreamed about my imaginary blog, I thought that a good place to start would be to record my internal debate, and title it “to blog, or not to blog…” This time around has been no different, except that I finally vocalized my internal debate, to both my husband and my book club. Of course birds of a feather & all that clichĂ©, the book club ladies not only thought I should start a blog, but were enthusiastic, and even talked about blogs of their own. I checked out the links, and lo & behold, one of them starts with a post titled “To blog, or not to blog.” Hmpf. So much for that idea. And here I thought I was SOOOO original! You know, as original as you can be while plagiarizing from a guy who’s been dead almost 400 years. And I do mean that literally, to the day. Almost exactly 400 years. Look it up!

So back to the drawing board. I decided maybe, if I couldn’t even come up with an original first post, that again blogging might not be for me. So instead, I made a list of pros & cons to blogging. You may not know this, but I LOVE lists. Lists, however, don’t exactly love me – they’re often disappearing, even though I’m positive that it was just in my hand. Sometimes, I even make lists about lists! I did find this list of pros & cons pretty helpful, and who knows? Maybe it will also help you to take a step out in faith & start (or re-start) your own blog!

  1. I have a to-do list about 18 miles long. That may be a slight exaggeration. Or maybe it’s closer to 20 miles. I guess that just depends on the day. But, I have enough other things to do & take care of, and with the recent addition of our first little that ominous task list won’t be shrinking any time soon. Starting a blog is yet one more thing that I’m adding to the list.
  2. I’m a terrible housekeeper. This might sound like it’s totally unrelated to blogging, but it does matter, really. I used to be awesome at housekeeping – always on top of the laundry, dishes, bathroom cleaning, making the bed, vacuuming, and you wouldn’t find a speck of dust on any of our baseboards! I’ve gradually been tapering off in the last few years, without any excuse really, and then in the last couple months of being pregnant, I pretty much gave up altogether. So for almost a year now, my house has suffered the brunt of it. Now, I know I will rather spend my time blogging than doing any of those things. Case and point: there are 8 loads of clean laundry sitting around my living room, all staring very accusingly at me. Plus the load in the dryer & one in the washer. Let’s not talk about the rest of the house.
  3. I have commitment issues. Not in relationships, but with projects absolutely. I have this really bad habit of starting a project & then moving on to a new one before the first one is done. That means I have a whole collection of projects that are unfinished, and I can’t promise that blogging will be any different.
  4. I’m really good at offending people. And I do mean REALLY good. I recently came across a project that I wrote in grade 8 that was all about me, and my sister decided she was going to read the whole thing to make fun of me. Instead, she ripped me a new one because she was offended by what I had written, and then argued with me that I had no excuse when I explained that I was 12 when I wrote it, and couldn’t go back in time to change it now. Then she started ripping into me some more. If something I wrote almost 20 years ago is still that offensive, imagine what I’m capable of now. I really probably shouldn’t be blogging. And telling this story has probably offended her now too. #LeSigh
  5. I don’t have a point to this blog. Really, isn’t a blog supposed to have a point? It chronicles a home renovation, or has a common group of topics, like parenting & breastfeeding, or cars & DIY mechanics, or design & DIY projects. Me? I’ve got all sorts of random, and none of it is related. OK, well some of it is related. But I can’t really draw a correlation between cooking & sewing projects. If it were 1960, maybe I’d say they’re house-wifey things. But in 2016, sewing projects are not what they used to be! For starters, the patterns are actually stylish. And digital. But whatevs, my point is that I don’t have a point.

You would think that this would be enough to deter me from starting a blog altogether, but no. I’m still here. And funny enough, so are you! So welcome, and thanks for bothering to read a random blog about nothing!