Worth making again?

When I was in college, I had a professor who told us about his early days of marriage, and how his wife was just learning to cook. To save her from devastated tears, and him from having to eat nasty meals, they came up with a simple question – “Is it worth making again?”

Years later after I was married, my husband & I borrowed this nugget of wisdom for ourselves. I’ve been cooking since I was young, and I’m even pretty good at it (if I may say so myself!), but that doesn’t mean we like everything that I make. This is especially true of testing new recipes.

This is always a touchy subject in our house – my husband insists that when you’re trying a new recipe for the first time you MUST follow it to a T. My philosophy is a little more lax, especially if there’s something in the recipe that I don’t like. 8 cups of mushrooms in my gravy? No thanks! Or even better, something that I love. Who in their right mind only puts 1 tsp of vanilla extract, really?! Some recipes were just never meant to be good (no matter how delicious they seem), and others are great, but just need a little tweaking. Either way, we’ve definitely had our fair share of experiments gone wrong.

It took some time, but my husband is now gracious enough to just say “Ummm…I don’t know if this one is worth making again.” Or, “It’s ok, but maybe next time without [insert offensive food here – ie apples in his salad].” For some reason he has a huge beef with fruit in salad. I keep throwing it in there & hoping he just won’t say anything, but no dice. (OK, no more food/cooking innuendos, promise! Though I am pretty punny…hahaha.)

Anyways, when he really enjoys something, he says “Meh, it’s good.” But then follows it up with “Definitely worth making again!” Something about being a man implies that “good” = “awesome” = “meh” = “OK” = “I don’t really like it and I’m just not telling you” = “I don’t care”. Yeah, I’m still trying to work all of that out too. Do you have a special code phrase that you use for your spouse to politely tell you that your food sucks? Share it in the comments below, we’d love to glean from your wisdom too!



#PinWin – Tuna & Chicken Stuffed Avocado

We all do it – when we’re browsing Pinterest, we’re unstoppable, and every creative idea seems easy, every recipe so simple & perfect. We pin what we love, and say to ourselves “Oh, I’ll definitely be back to try this later!” Sometimes we do come back, only to end up distraught at the outcome – what was supposed to be yummy/beautiful/easy, actually turned out gross/ugly/hard – and we fall victim to the inevitable #PinterestFail.

Then there’s the pins that, despite our best intentions, we totally forget about and they get buried in the hundreds of other pins that we have long forgotten, sitting overlooked for months – that’s where I pulled this beauty from. It’s one of those things that you put off forever, and once you do it, you wonder “Why didn’t I do this sooner?! I will now have to do it all the time!!!”

Clearly, I’m not someone who will be posting many tutorials. I managed a grand total of two pictures from this adventure:


So colourful!


Finished product! #nomnom

I’m so glad I pulled this recipe out for dinner the other day, even though we didn’t have all of the necessary ingredients. I don’t usually follow a recipe exactly anyways, so I thought I’d just wing it, and had to leave out the red onion, cucumber, yogurt, dijon mustard, lemon juice, and sweetener. I subbed in: fake dairy-free greek yogurt (coconut base), lime juice, red pepper, orange pepper, and a ton of ground cracked black peppercorns. At this point you’re probably wondering what the point of the recipe was at all? My husband’s sentiment exactly. But whatevs, live & learn.

The moral of this story was: we loved it! It definitely need the lemon juice, not lime (and this from someone who prefers lime!), but overall we agreed that it is worth making again. I’ll be adding it into the rotation of no-cook summer meals for sure, and I loved that it can be made ahead AND doesn’t use the oven! Now for winter to let go & let summer in…

Bon appetit!